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Using what time I have to be creative

Web Design

I can bring a fresh feel to existing websites, or provide you with a new online look.



I can provide you with a brand that looks good online, as a letterhead or as a business card.



I can capture those moments of your life to cherish forever.



Previous projects, and my best examples of photography


Follow me and my adventures

  • More Six Nations 20th February - Seems to have come tradition now to go to at least 1 Six Nations game in Cardiff, and this year was no exception despite having just seen them play the previous weekend in Ireland! This time was against Scotland. So that leaves only France and England to see, then we’ve seen all the teams play.
  • Ireland and the Six Nations 9th February - Went to Ireland this weekend just gone to visit family, plus to see Ireland v Wales Six Nations game in Dublin. Apart from the weather it was a lovely weekend, did result in our flight being delayed until 11pm to get out of Dublin. Not good when I had to be up at 7 in […]
  • Photo session at the yard 31st January - I had the idea of having a go at taking photos of Tommy looking smart – being all groomed and clean tack. I’ve not really done horse portraits before, only action shots. Must say it is a difficult task to get some horses to look the part. Buddy, for example, was not a natural poser […]
  • November 2015 26th December - So it seems I am not too great at this blog writing business, especially as we are almost into January and I’ve not even written anything for November! November starts with me baking cakes to take into work. Going for the “Bonfire” theme, I do love making vibrant coloured little cupcakes. I then bought a […]
  • Christmas 2015 with the ponies 26th December - Wednesday 23rd, the yard has some Christmas pony games with lots of the riders turning up to take part. Not really tried night photography, definitely not something I want to do often unless it involves stars or the night sky in general. Also was looking after the niece whilst my sister rode, so didn’t have […]


Questions? Requests? Just ask!

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