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Went to the yard today to take pictures for a couple of riders practicing their jumping. Gave me a chance to practice my photography. Need to try learn to focus on the subject more than waiting for it to appear in the frame. Some pictures are blurry, but posting all for the 2 in the photos to see.

*EDIT* Have amended some of the images in the gallery, in the hope that it will load a little faster. For the original gallery please see: http://www.paperwingsdesign.co.uk/blog/envira/388/

Bring on November…

So after setting up a blog, I planned to be good and try get something posted once a week, or get a collection of photos uploaded. However, October has been against me since the get go.

At the start of the month I was up at the yard to bring the horse in from the field (I will do a post in future about Tommy Boy). They use electric fencing at that yard, so as normal I unclipped the hook to walk out the field with the horse, and turned him around so he was 1. fully out of the way as to not zap his butt, and 2. so I could reach the hook back over to close the “gate”. The second I had hooked it shut Tommy spooked at God knows what, knocking into me where I then lost my footing and tripped over a small mound of mud at the side of the path.

In the process of falling all I cared about was not falling onto the electric fencing. Not fun if you touch that stuff! But as I fell, I put my hand out and Tommy was still spooking and ended up standing on my hand. Having half a ton of horse stand on your foot is one thing, to stand on your hand… Well that is a whole different experience. Thankfully, my hand was on some spongy long grass so I think that took some of the impact and he was barefoot. But it sure hurt like hell still, and even to this day it has a slightly sore spot on the back of my hand.

Over time the bruise got more colourful as expected:

As the bruise was in its final stages it made my hand look mouldy:

I did go to the walk-in centre (a department of our hospital that is like a step down from Accident & Emergency). They said that because I can bend my wrist my hand wasn’t broken… Not sure that’s really what the diagnosis for a broken hand is. But I only studied veterinary nursing, not humans! So I guess that’s their call.

So as I thought I was getting over that ordeal, this week whilst sat at work my chest started to hurt. In a way that was not nice at all. In the centre of my sternum the pain was awful, especially with every breath. Taking a deep breath in was near impossible. I’ve not been diagnosed with asthma, nor had I been doing anything that could have resulted in a pulled muscle (bearing in mind I work in an office in front of a computer for 8hrs a day). I had had a rather stressful morning, and do wonder if it was triggered by stress.

Am one of those people to get anxious over a number of things, and weird/not normal chest pains turns out to be one of those things. Normally if I get a twinge it lasts for a couple minutes then fades. This has been going on for half an hour, so my sister offered to come get me, driving with such pains didn’t seem to be wise. So went off to the hospital, for a 2nd time within the month.

Chest pains aren’t taken lightly, so got seen fairly fast for A&E standards. Was taken through after triage for a number of tests to be done. Had bloods taken, a chest x-ray, 2 ECG readings, urine checked (always a pleasant test to collect samples for… not). And they did general obs on me over the time I was in. For the ECG they had to put sticky electrodes on me, the 2nd time I was wired up they weren’t working so had to remove them all and put fresh ones on. There is about 10 they put on. So imagine having to remove 10 sticky plasters off your skin… Horrible! So very glad I am not a hairy person.

A sample of my ECG print out
A sample of my ECG print out
Evil stickies
Evil stickies

Sadly not much was gained from the trip other than I had a high heart rate, and a slight fever. They discharged me instructing me to take Friday off to rest, and to take regular pain killers to see if that will help. As they had ruled out the likes of possible heart attack or DVT, or chest infection. But did say that it might be a virus. Personally I still think it is stress relate. Because by late Friday afternoon the pain had gone, but did reappear after a tense moment on Saturday afternoon.

But I did as I was told, and tried to rest up as best I could – bed does get boring after a while. So spent a few hours at the yard with my niece as my sister rode Tommy (whose has now been shod, but has yet to stand on me again!).

My niece watching her mum ride
My niece watching her mum ride

Hopefully I can enjoy the rest of autumn, and maybe get out there to take some nice pictures of the colourful trees without anymore trips to the hospital. Plus hope to complete 2 websites that have sadly been delayed due to all of the above.

Autumn colours
Autumn colours

Hope your October hasn’t been a disaster like mine, and I will aim to give a Halloween update.