November 2015

So it seems I am not too great at this blog writing business, especially as we are almost into January and I’ve not even written anything for November!

November starts with me baking cakes to take into work. Going for the “Bonfire” theme, I do love making vibrant coloured little cupcakes.

I then bought a few branded items from VistaPrint, must say I wasn’t overly impressed with the quality. Especially of the business cards. Only one side was glossy, and from what I could remember it didn’t mention this nor did it give me an option to select which side is glossy. They’ll do for the time being, but definitely will be getting better ones in the new year! The notepad wasn’t too bad. A lot smaller than I thought it would be.

Tuesdays I generally go up to see the pony after work, meaning I don’t get there til about 6pm when it is rather dark. Always entertaining going out to the field and wandering around to try find them in the field! But the winter nights do mean the yard is a lot quieter, so generally get the school to myself or ride with Buddy and his owner. The flood light in the outdoor school gives everything an eerie hue.

November is also the month of my anniversary with my boyfriend. We spend the night in Waterloo, London, after a dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Maze Grille. Was rather nice steak there, but service was a bit slow. But always nice to go down to the river to see the London Eye all lit up.

Went to a rugby game to see the boyfriend’s hometown play. Some silly Welsh team called the Scarlets. Just because we hadn’t had enough rugby this year with the Six Nations and World Cup!

We went to HyperJapan in Tobacco Docks, which was amusing. And brought back some nice memories from going to Japan earlier this year. But as a surprise that evening the boyfriend had bought some tickets to go to a gig. Headliner was Zebrahead, but the key reason for the tickets was to see a Japanese band called Man With A Mission. If you are into punk/rock type music it is a band a very highly recommend. We saw them play when we were in Japan, so it was awesome to see them play in London. They are a bit odd and play with wolf masks on, never revealing their faces. But makes them that bit more enjoyable.

Month ended spending time with Tommy. After his surgery to remove a sarcoid and getting treated for sore foot, my sister and I are now trying to bring his condition back up and get him looking good. So try lunge him every now and again along with going out for hacks and general schooling.

That’s all for November 🙂

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