Photo session at the yard

I had the idea of having a go at taking photos of Tommy looking smart – being all groomed and clean tack. I’ve not really done horse portraits before, only action shots. Must say it is a difficult task to get some horses to look the part. Buddy, for example, was not a natural poser compared to Tommy who just knew how to work the camera (when he wasn’t trying to fill his face with grass!).

The afternoon was then a chance to take pictures of the horses jumping, learnt from last time to try pan instead of waiting with the lens on the jump for the horse to appear into frame. This greatly improved the image focus I feel.

Winter sun doesn’t seem to be the best for the action shots, but gave a nice effect to the portraits. Looking forward to the summer when the ponies will be out of their winter coats and hopefully all glossy for some more portrait shots.

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