Ireland and the Six Nations

Went to Ireland this weekend just gone to visit family, plus to see Ireland v Wales Six Nations game in Dublin.

Apart from the weather it was a lovely weekend, did result in our flight being delayed until 11pm to get out of Dublin. Not good when I had to be up at 7 in the morning for work!

Went to the Guinness Storehouse as well as walk about Dublin to kill some time before our flight. This resulted in a number of photos of Guinness pints…

Photo session at the yard

I had the idea of having a go at taking photos of Tommy looking smart – being all groomed and clean tack. I’ve not really done horse portraits before, only action shots. Must say it is a difficult task to get some horses to look the part. Buddy, for example, was not a natural poser compared to Tommy who just knew how to work the camera (when he wasn’t trying to fill his face with grass!).

The afternoon was then a chance to take pictures of the horses jumping, learnt from last time to try pan instead of waiting with the lens on the jump for the horse to appear into frame. This greatly improved the image focus I feel.

Winter sun doesn’t seem to be the best for the action shots, but gave a nice effect to the portraits. Looking forward to the summer when the ponies will be out of their winter coats and hopefully all glossy for some more portrait shots.

Christmas 2015 with the ponies

Wednesday 23rd, the yard has some Christmas pony games with lots of the riders turning up to take part. Not really tried night photography, definitely not something I want to do often unless it involves stars or the night sky in general. Also was looking after the niece whilst my sister rode, so didn’t have much opportunity to take pictures as I had to amuse the 1yo.

We then spent Christmas morning up at the yard with the ponies. Was all good until the rain started. But always entertaining dressing the ponies up!

Fireworks 2015

Fireworks display was on tonight at Campbell Park, so went along with the family. Was my niece’s 2nd time seeing fireworks, and she fell asleep… But I guess we should be grateful that she wasn’t one of those that is scared of loud noises and likely to spend the whole time crying!

Really do wish I had a tripod to take to these kind of things.

Buddy and Bella

Went to the yard today to take pictures for a couple of riders practicing their jumping. Gave me a chance to practice my photography. Need to try learn to focus on the subject more than waiting for it to appear in the frame. Some pictures are blurry, but posting all for the 2 in the photos to see.

*EDIT* Have amended some of the images in the gallery, in the hope that it will load a little faster. For the original gallery please see: