More Six Nations

Seems to have come tradition now to go to at least 1 Six Nations game in Cardiff, and this year was no exception despite having just seen them play the previous weekend in Ireland!

This time was against Scotland. So that leaves only France and England to see, then we’ve seen all the teams play.

Ireland and the Six Nations

Went to Ireland this weekend just gone to visit family, plus to see Ireland v Wales Six Nations game in Dublin.

Apart from the weather it was a lovely weekend, did result in our flight being delayed until 11pm to get out of Dublin. Not good when I had to be up at 7 in the morning for work!

Went to the Guinness Storehouse as well as walk about Dublin to kill some time before our flight. This resulted in a number of photos of Guinness pints…

Wales vs Uruguay – Rugby World Cup 2015

This time around the Rugby World Cup is being held here in the UK, which my boyfriend was lucky enough to get some tickets within the balloting. The 2 games we got was Wales vs Uruguay at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and Uruguay vs Fiji at Stadium:MK in Milton Keynes.

It was unintentional that both games were involving Uruguay.

Wales vs Uruguay was on 20th Sept, which we took the chance to make it a weekend away. The boyfriend is from Wales, so we did a bit of relative visiting either side of the game. Bit nervous as it was the first time meeting them, but wasn’t bad in the end. Got to see where he grew up, with views of the sea.


Went down to the beach, which had rather large jellyfish washed up in areas. They looked like giant blobs of snot…


There were some little birds too. They could move!

So the game: Of course Wales won. We had good seats, upper tier in the corner but end of the row. Unfortunately, we had a guy behind us who we could have done without. He was there stating the obvious, because shouting “That way!”, “Corner!”, “Catch, land, run!” was going to help… How else do you expect a lineout to happen? Not like they are never going to land. Idiot.

Only other rugby games I’ve been to are ones in the Autumn Internationals and Six Nations. The atmosphere was no where near as good in comparison. But I guess that is because the spectators just bought tickets for the sake of it, to say they saw a Rugby World Cup game and it was very pot luck over what tickets you really got.


I take the rugby games as chances to play with the camera to do a bit of sport photography. I wish I had a better lens, as sitting way at the top the Canon EF 75-300mm f4/5.6 doesn’t quite have the zoom on it for getting shots I would like at the other side of the pitch. See below for the gallery.

October 6th we’ll get to see our 2nd and last RWC game, the rest we’ll have to enjoy from the comfort of our own homes or the pub.

PS. I am an Ireland fan and the Mr is a Wales fan.